St. Paul said that we are the Body of Christ and when one part of the body is in pain, the whole body feels it. When there is death in a family of our parishioners, we are called to show our support. We share in the sorrow of the family and give them encouragement and strength that comes from the Gospel. We are an Easter people whose last word is not death but Resurrection.

The Mortuary coordinates with the parish Office in setting the time and date for the Vigil and Funeral Mass.

Once the Date and Time are set, the pastor meets with the family to plan for the liturgy. Please inform the Parish Office when someone dies in your family or a member of our community.


There are times when the bereaved family is not aware of the wish of their departed and so we ask that if you have a special wish for your funeral rite, please fill up the funeral liturgy planning form and submit it to the parish office. This will be kept confidential and will only be disclosed to your family member when the time comes. Sometimes those who make the decision regarding your funeral are not familiar with the Catholic rite, or have no knowledge about your life in our community. This guide will help the Church and your bereaved family to give you the funeral rite the way you wanted it to be.